Dr. Tara and Counseling

Dr. Tara has been a therapist for nearly 30 years and has a style that is flexible and creative, allowing her to meet the needs of diverse clients who think, feel and learn differently. Dr. Tara’s approach is grounded in research and allows her to meet clients where they are. This “down-to-earth” practice creates an environment where people feel safe to be themselves without being judged.

In addition to a Post-Master’s Certificate in art therapy, Dr. Tara has received additional training in trauma-informed therapy, grief, and complex PTSD.  She has extensive experience with clients who have anxiety and mood disorders, like depression.

Yes!  Because of her own unique background and personal travels, Dr. Tara has a passion for diverse clients.  Her clinical experience also includes people of color, LGBTQIA+ clients, people who have immigrated to the US, religious minorities, and people affiliated with the military. 

Dr. Tara has worked in residential settings and in a school with children and adolescents.  Throughout her career, she worked with adults of all ages, including adults in their 60’s and 70’s.  Dr. Tara’s flexible style allows her to adapt to the needs of clients across the lifespan.

Most people who go to therapy are just people who need a safe place to sift through what is on their minds.  Some are unable to get rid of problems like anxiety, depression, grief and trauma without help and others want to talk about new ideas in a place where they won’t be judged. 

Dr. Tara feels it is important that you both “click.”  Before your first session, she will give you the chance to ask questions over the phone or video so that you feel as comfortable as possible.  You have control in the session over topics and pace of therapy. Clients are able to relax in the non-judgmental space during the therapy sessions.  The most consistent feedback she receives is that she is “down-to-earth” and “like a real person.”  Send Dr. Tara a message through her ‘Request and Appointment’ box to schedule your first appointment.  

Many therapists use one theory for everything but Dr. Tara believes that the theory depends on the treatment goals.  She is trained to use a wide range of theories including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Behavior Modification, and Brief Solutions Focused Treatment.  She is also trained in art therapy.  Dr. Tara is happy to discuss the theory and reasons she wants to use that approach at any time during your work together. 

Dr. Tara does not work with couples specifically for marriage counseling.